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Game News Updates for September 3 - No Man's Sky Opens New Frontiers, Dead Space is Back, and Game Boy Color Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch
posted on: Friday, September 03, 2021

It's time to recap another week of game news. Last week was packed with game reveals and trailers from Gamescom but this week is a little lighter. We have a couple first looks at games coming next year, a rumor or two, and a couple updates for older titles that just keep drawing players in. Grab your favorite Friday beverage and let's take a look.

No Man's Sky Frontiers Update

With the release of its 17th free update No Man's Sky continues to expand what is offered in its seemingly endless galaxy. After the initial lackluster release failed to live up to the sky-high hype it would have been understandable for the team to walk away and try something new. However, the team at Hello Games decided to throw everything they had into updating and saving the game, and that has turned No Man's Sky into an incredible title that is unlike anything else available.

The new Frontiers Update includes several features, but the headline is the creation of procedural alien settlements on the worlds scattered around the galaxy. In addition to visiting these settlements you also have the opportunity to become the governor of these communities, settling disputes and defending them from attack. It looks fantastic and it could be a great opportunity to dive back in if you haven't played the game in a cycle or two. Check out the trailer below to see it in action.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy Dated for October 15

That's right, you'll be able to jump back into the suit and blast your way through the Crysis trilogy starting on October 15 2021. All three games have now been remastered and you'll be able to pick them up individually or as a trilogy for $49.99 on the digital storefront of your choice. I'm looking forward to putting my PS5 through its paces with these great games.

Are Game Boy Color Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

Rumor has it that Nintendo will begin rolling out Game Boy Color games to their Nintendo Switch Online service sometime this month. Mid September will mark the 3rd anniversary of the Switch Online service and it is likely that Nintendo will release a new retro console to entice players to keep up those subscriptions. I'll be excited to see what games are announced and what, if anything, Nintendo does to enhance the titles for release on the Switch.

We'll keep an eye on this and let you know if we hear any more info.

A First Look at the Dead Space Remake

EA held a livestream this week to show off an early look at the upcoming Dead Space Remake. The Verge has a great breakdown of the high points from the stream. It looks like EA is trying to walk a fine line of updating the game visually while staying close to the concept and atmosphere of the original. They are also enhancing the zero-gravity sections of the game, amping up the 'strategic dismemberment', and promising to not include micro-transactions.

Check out the video below for a short look at how the team is approaching the graphical updates and environment of the game and let us know what you think about the direction of this interesting remake.

Project Magnum Video Comes Out of Left Field

I just ran across this video today and thought it would be interesting to share. It is a reveal video for a new 'looter-shooter' game with the working title of Project Magnum. It looks to be an interesting mix of Destiny and Final Fantasy that makes for a strange and distinctive design. The graphics look incredible, and the gameplay looks exciting especially with the addition of the lasso to maneuver around the levels. I don't know anything else about this game beyond the video so check it out below and let us know what you think.

That is all that we have for this week. We also share a lot of news and updates on our social media accounts as they happen so don't forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Have a great Labor Day Weekend, and we'll see you next Friday.

Game News Updates for August 27 - Elden Ring Impresses, Call of Duty Vanguard Plays, Metroid Dread Reveals, and Destiny 2 Expands
posted on: Friday, August 27, 2021

If you thought last week had a lot of game news to sift through, just wait until you see what we have for you this week! Gamescom 2021 dropped a ton of announcements, updates, trailers, and hands-on impressions. We can't possible cover it all here but we have tried to highlight some of the titles that have us the most excited. So grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let's get started.

Call of Duty: Vanguard - Campaign Reveal and Playstation Alpha

Activision is not making us wait for updates on Call of Duty Vanguard, this week we get a multiplayer alpha and our first look at gameplay from the campaign. Harkening back to the early days of CoD, the video below takes us back in Stalingrad where we get to take a look at some early moments from that horrible battle as the main character finds herself, and her home, behind enemy lines.

If Call of Duty multiplayer is more your style, and you have access to a Playstation, you can get your first taste of Vanguard this weekend! That's right, the first multiplayer Alpha for Call of Duty Vanguard is live on Playstation from August 27 - 29, so grab your trench gun and go get some wins. You can get all the details about the Alpha from this post on the Playstation blog.

New Metroid Dread Trailer Shows Off the Action

Nintendo kept their promise from last week and dropped a new trailer for Metroid Dread today that amps up the action. The new trailer shows off some of the enemies we will see in the new game as well as a collection of new powers and moves from our favorite interstellar bounty hunter. You can watch the trailer below or check out the latest Metroid Dread Report from Nintendo to get additional details on what is shown in the video.

Could Elden Ring be a Breath of the Wild Moment for Souls games?

I have to be honest, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with FromSoftware games. I am very intrigued by them, I think the mechanics of the games are fantastic, the lore and world-building is incredible, and the impact they have had on gaming is hard to quantify. But, even though I have played a few, I have yet to complete one. I usually get to a point that I just cannot get past and the enjoyment that had been propelling me forward fades into frustration. I know that is the point when I am supposed to 'git gud' and overcome the challenge but I've reached a point in my life where I just can't dedicate that kind of time to gaming and justify the expense.

I share that to explain that I haven't really followed what has been revealed about FromSoftware's next title, Elden Ring. I knew that From was working on a new game, and that it would be coming to next-gen consoles, but the initial trailer looked like 'more Dark Souls' and I didn't expect that it would be for me. However, the impressions that have hit this week could be changing my mind. This article at Polygon, Elden Ring might be FromSoftware’s Breath of the Wild and this preview from Eurogamer We've seen Elden Ring up close and in action - here's the complete breakdown both highlight something that I was not aware of, Elden Ring is morphing the Souls format into a kind of open world RPG experience. That just might be enough to get me pulled in, one more time. Hopefully we'll see more exciting reveals before Elden Ring is released early next year.

Psychonauts 2 Reviews

Psychonauts 2, the long in development Double Fine sequel, has been released and is getting rave reviews from around the internet. Polygon says it "one of the most imaginative platforming games out there, with an absolute flood of joyous ideas and images". Eurogamer recommends the game and calls it a "feast for the wandering mind". ArsTechnica goes a step farther than most and calls it an "early nominee for 2021 Game of the Year".

While I haven't had the chance to play it yet I am hoping to fire it up this weekend. With reviews like these, and the fact that it is free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, I'm looking forward to diving into the incredible minds of Tim Schafer and the crew at Double Fine.

World War Z Aftermath Looks Fantastic, Adds First-Person Mode

I have just started playing the original World War Z on Game Pass and found it fun but not quite up to the level of Left 4 Dead. One of the things that I think detracts from the game for me is the 3rd person perspective so I was very excited to see that an option in the new Aftermath expansions allows you to get up close and personal with the zombies by playing in first-person mode! I haven't been able to determine if this release will be available on Game Pass or not but either way it looks like a great expansion on the base game and worth a look.

Yes, the PS5 Can Run Crysis Remastered Trilogy

I'm a sucker for Crysis Remasters and the upcoming release of the entire remastered Crysis trilogy in one package will likely be too much for me to resist. This week I came across the video below which highlights the differences between the PS3 releases and the remasters, and was very pleased with what I saw. Based on what they show in the trailer, it looks like the PS5 will do the series proud.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost and Witch Queen Look Tempting

This was also a big week for Destiny fans as the new 'Season of the Lost' kicked off and we got a look at the next expansion titled 'The Witch Queen'. I have dabbled in Destiny over the years but I am by no means up to date on the lore or where the game currently stands. However, the trailer below has me excited to see what Bungie has in store as it appears they are brining the current narrative to a close over the next few seasons. If you're interested in the details check out this post from Bungie and maybe I'll see you out in the system.

Even with all of these updates we have only scratched the surface of what was revealed this week. If you want even more check out this Polygon article about Xbox at Gamescom and this Eurogamer piece about the biggest Gamescom announcements. As always, we love to hear from you so please send us your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook. Have a great weekend everyone. Happy gaming!

Game News Updates for August 20 2021 - Nintendo Sets Records in Japan, Call of Duty Vanguard Revealed, Quake Returns, Cyberpunk Gets An Upgrade, and New Metroid Dread Info
posted on: Friday, August 20, 2021

Wow, what a week! Just in the last few days we've had new game reveals, surprise releases, giant patches, and history making sales figures. So grab a beverage, settle in, and let's get right in to it.

Activision Reveals Call of Duty: Vanguard

Probably the biggest news of the week was the surprise reveal of the latest game in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Vanguard. As you can see in the trailer below, Vanguard is set during World War II and focuses on different characters across four different fronts in the war. I really got a nostalgic vibe for the original Call of Duty titles on the PC based on the different characters and viewpoints from different areas of the war. In addition to the single player campaign there has also been info released about integration with Call of Duty: Warzone and the inclusion of a Zombies mode built by Treyarch. So far it looks like a great addition to the series and we'll keep an eye out for additional updates as we get closer to launch.

Nintendo Dominates The Top 30 Games List In Japan.

During the first week of August every game in the Japanese Top 30 was a Nintendo Switch title. This was the first time in the last 33 years that a single platform has accounted for every title in the top 30 list. Nintendo continues to enjoy success around the world, but especially in its home of Japan, and these sales figures are just another example of how successful the Switch has been. It will be interesting to see if Switch sales slow down as the PS5 and Xbox Series X get into more homes around the world. But for now, at least in Japan, Nintendo reigns supreme.

QuakeCon 2021 Kicks Off With A Surprise.

This year's digital QuakeCon started off with a double barreled shotgun sized bang when Bethesda announced an enhanced version of the original Quake. This new version of Quake offers "up to 4K resolution and widescreen support on compatible platforms, enhanced models, dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, and depth of field". It also includes all three official expansions as well as a brand new expansion created by the team at MachineGames.

If going it alone isn't your style you can also play through the campaigns in local and online co-op modes for up to 4 players. And it wouldn't be Quake without the incredible deathmatch modes that started the online shooter craze 25 years ago. You'll be able to face off in eight player battles with crossplay between systems, custom matches, dedicated servers, and downloadable mods. The best part of it all? This new enhanced version of Quake is available today on Xbox, Playstation, and Switch. If you have Xbox Game Pass you'll get Quake, and backwards compatible versions of Quake 2 and 3, as part of your subscription. If you're interested in playing a few rounds send us your Xbox Gamertag on Twitter and we can smash some heads.

A New Look at Metroid Dread

Nintendo released a new Metroid Dread video this morning that sheds some light on the setup for the game, and teases more info about Samus' new suit. Nintendo also released a blog post on the Powers of Samus that gives us a look at some basic actions you'll be performing in the game as well as some additional background on Samus' suit and her previous interactions with the X-Parasite.

Metroid Dread looks like a great new installment in the Metroid series, and I can't wait to get a look at it this October. Until then we will continue to keep you updated on interesting new reveals.

Cyberpunk's Massive New Patch

While Cyberpunk hit the streets in a pretty rough state at launch, CD Projekt Red has continued to work on the game post release and deliver fixes and upgrades for its players. This week saw the release of an absolutely huge new patch that promises to fix numerous performance issues, gameplay bugs, and around 100 tweaks and fixes for various missions in the game. If you are interested in diving into the patch details for Cyberpunk v1.3 you can read the patch notes here.

I am a huge fan of CD Projekt Red and have been excited for Cyberpunk for years. I tried to play it at launch on a base PS4 and quickly realized that it wasn't the experience I was hoping for. Since then I have put it on the shelf, waiting both for fixes to the game and to get my hands on a PS5 so that I could play the game in the best possible way. Well, my PS5 is supposed to arrive in late September and it looks like CDPR is still working to improve the game so hopefully my second journey into Night City with go much better.

So there you have it, a full week of game news. Things are picking up as we head toward the holiday season so I'm sure we will have many more jam packed weeks ahead. What do you think of these new reveals? Any big news that we missed this week? Let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you next week.

Game News Updates for August 13 2021 - PS5 Breaks Records, Infinity Game Table Nears Release, and Tetris Connected is Coming to Switch
posted on: Friday, August 13, 2021

We're back! As you know, the world has been a little bit crazy over the last year but we are still here, working behind the scenes to bring you new and exciting games. While we're not quite ready to share what our next projects will be I did want to get back into the swing of posting updates to the blog so here is a new update on some interesting news from around the industry.

Sony announces 10 million PS5 units sold, even with constrained supply

As reported by Polygon, Sony has reached the 10 million units sold milestone with the PS5 faster than any other Playstation system in history. As anyone who has been trying to buy a system since launch will know the PS5 still seems impossible to get your hands on. Online sales run out of stock in less than a minute and there are dozens of buyers trying to get their hands on every available unit. To hear that they have still sold 10 million units so quickly just makes you wonder how many they could have sold if they weren't constrained by supply.

Arcade 1Up Infinity Game Table releases on August 15th

The team at Arcade 1Up are adding to their lineup of scaled down arcade cabinets with the upcoming release of a new product that could really enhance the board game market, the Infinity Game Table (IGT). The IGT is a coffee table sized device that focuses on bringing players together, either by sitting around the table or connecting with other table owners online, and playing dynamic versions of board games. While the initial game library is mostly focused on classic board games, like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Sorry, it also has a collection of newer games that really benefit from the large, shared play space. It is an interesting new platform that we are really excited about here at F5 so I hope you'll check it out. You can get more information about the IGT at their website, and you can place a pre-order with Best Buy before it goes on sale this weekend.

Tetris Effect: Connected is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 8th

We are huge fans of Tetris here at the studio, and throughout its lifecycle the Nintendo Switch has been a fantastic console on which to get your Tetris fix. With the early release of Puyo Puyo Tetris and then the Nintendo Online exclusive Tetris 99 the Switch has had two fantastic Tetris games for players to enjoy. But, there has been one massively successful Tetris game that Switch owners have not been able to enjoy so far, thankfully that will change this fall with the Switch release of Tetris Effect: Connected.

Based on the video announcement below it appears that Switch owners will get the incredible journey mode from the original PS4 release as well as the additional multiplayer modes introduced in the Xbox exclusive Connected version. Basically you get the best of both worlds with this release and, for the first time, you can play on the go in handheld mode. I can't wait to grab this when it is released on October 8th.

Descent: Legends of the Dark is available now

There have been a lot of new releases in the 'hardcore dungeon crawler' board game space over the last few years. Since the incredible success of Gloomhaven it seems like the floodgates have opened up for large, and expensive, RPG boardgames such as Bardsung, HeroQuest, and now Descent: Legends of the Dark.

Legends of the Dark is the third game in the Descent series and based on the info I have seen they decided to 'turn it up to 11' with this one. Not only does the game come with dozens of gorgeous miniatures it also has multi-level cardboard terrain pieces and a companion app that runs the adventure for you so you don't need a player to be the 'dungeon master'. If you're interested, you can check out the Fantasy Flight Games website for more information on how all of this comes together. It definitely has my interest, but I'm going to need to clear up some serious shelf space before I can splurge on this one.

Thanks for reading! We will continue to post updates here and on our Twitter account so follow us there to stay up to date. Have a great weekend!

How Microsoft Raised the Price of Next-Gen Hardware with Xbox All Access, and Made Us Like It
posted on: Friday, September 11, 2020

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag over at Microsoft. This week we finally received confirmation from Microsoft that the Xbox Series S is real and it will be launching alongside the Xbox Series X this November. With the Series S reveal we also received pricing for both Microsoft consoles; the Xbox Series S will launch at $299 and the Series X will come in at $499. While I think there are a lot of interesting conversations to have around the split hardware launch and what that means from a game development perspective today I actually just want to talk about price, specifically about what Microsoft is doing with their Xbox All Access program to actually raise the price of these machines and possibly put the hurt on Sony.

Xbox All Access

Xbox All Access is a Microsoft payment program that bundles Xbox Series S or X hardware with Microsoft's Game Pass Ultimate service into a single monthly payment that ends up feeling very similar to a smartphone payment plan. For $0 down and $25 a month over 24 months you can get a brand new Xbox Series S and access to all of Microsoft's current and upcoming games through Game Pass. If you want to bump up to the big dog Xbox Series X the monthly payment only jumps by $10, so for $35 each month for 2 years you have the latest and greatest gaming machine from Microsoft. It really feels like a fantastic deal, and there have been numerous articles written already that break down the price of the Xbox hardware and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate to show that you are basically paying no additional money for the hardware if you use Xbox All Access vs buying the hardware upfront, but I'm not sure that is the case.

Breaking Down the Costs of Xbox All Access

Let's crunch some numbers to show what I think is happening with Xbox All Access. First we will do the calculation that everyone else on the Internet has been doing and look at Xbox All Access compared to purchasing the hardware outright and then subscribing to Game Pass Ultimate for $15 a month.

Xbox Hardware + $15 Game Pass vs Xbox All Access

Xbox Hardware + $15 Game Pass vs Xbox All Access
SKU Price 24 Months Game Pass at $15 Total
 Xbox Series S  $299  $360  $659
 Xbox Series X  $499  $360  $859
 Series S (All Access)  $600  Included  $600
 Series X (All Access)  $840  Included  $840

As you can see in the table, and as countless people have pointed out online, it's actually CHEAPER to buy an Xbox with All Access than it is to purchase the hardware and Game Pass separately. From a consumer perspective it is a good value assuming you had planned to purchase Game Pass anyway, but there is something else to think about here. While the standard price of Game Pass Ultimate is $15 it can be purchased for much less during various sales throughout the year. In fact you can signup for Game Pass Ultimate right now for just $1, not the $15 per month that is being show in the calculation.

Xbox All Access as a Trojan Horse

Looking at these cost breakdowns over the last couple days made me realize that the actual cost to Microsoft to add a subscriber to Game Pass Ultimate is basically nothing. The game studios have already been purchased and funded, the games are already being made, and Microsoft has already sunk the cost of Game Pass whether you sign up for it or not. From that perspective signing up a new Game Pass customer at ANY PRICE is a win for Microsoft, especially since if you are a Game Pass customer for 24 months, as required by Xbox All Access, you are likely to continue to subscription after the payment plan ends, since your monthly payment would then drop from $25 or $35 dollars down to only $15. Once you realize that the 'cost' of Game Pass is completely variable to Microsoft then the genius of what they are doing with Xbox All Access becomes clear. Let's run the price comparison again but this time we will only contribute $1 per month for Game Pass and assign the rest of the cost to the hardware.

Xbox Hardware + $1 Game Pass vs Xbox All Access

Xbox Hardware + $1 Game Pass vs Xbox All Access
SKU Price 24 Months Game Pass at $1 Total
 Xbox Series S  $299  $24  $323
 Xbox Series X  $499  $24  $523
 Series S (All Access)  $576  $24  $600
 Series X (All Access)  $816  $24  $840

With Xbox All Access Microsoft has actually raised the price of their next-gen console beyond what has ever been possible in the past. No one would be singing the praises of the Xbox Series S at a price of $576! And the number of people who would buy an Xbox Series X for over $800 could probably be counted on my hands; however, by bundling the hardware with a software service and stretching it out over 2 years it feels like a great deal.

But, this isn't even the most genius move that Microsoft has made here. Xbox All Access not only allows Microsoft to convince consumers they are getting a great deal with the payment plan, I believe it also allows them to sell their hardware at a larger loss than they otherwise would have been able to stomach, through the magic of the Average Selling Price.

Average Selling Price as a Weapon against Sony

Average Selling Price (ASP) is a financial measure that companies use to determine what their average revenue is from each product sold by averaging out the cost across all the products sold in the market. So if you sell 100 units of a tablet computer at its retail price of $500 but then sell 200 units at a sale price of $350 then the average selling price for that product is $400.

What I believe Microsoft is trying to do with Xbox All Access is raise the Average Selling Price of the new Xbox consoles beyond the standard retail price to help offset the high build costs and to put pricing pressure on Sony from the very beginning of the console generation. So what looks like a great deal to consumers, because we are conditioned to buy products on monthly payments instead of looking at the actual price, is actually a masterful shakeup to the console business that could have a huge impact on how game systems are sold from now on.

Lets look at a couple more tables to see how this could play out, one for the Xbox Series S and another for the Series X. In these tables I am going to look at what the average selling price of the hardware would be depending on what percentage of players purchase their systems with Xbox All Access vs up-front retail price. Also, we are going to use the All Access hardware price assuming that the cost for Game Pass Ultimate is $1.

Xbox Series S Average Selling Price Breakdown

Xbox Series S Average Selling Price Breakdown
Retail % Retail Price All Access % All Access HW Price ASP
 90  $299 10  $576  $326.70

 $299 25
 $576  $368.25
 50  $299
50  $576  $437.50
 25  $299
75  $576  $506.75

As you can see from the table, even if only 10% of customers choose to purchase an Xbox Series S with Xbox All Access Microsoft's Average Selling Price increases by almost 10% over the retail price. For every percentage point of the user base that Microsoft can convince to purchase with Xbox All Access they will make more money from their hardware in aggregate. Now let's look at how high they can push the ASP of the Series X

Xbox Series X Average Selling Price Breakdown

Xbox Series X Purchase Style Breakdown
Retail % Retail Price All Access % All Access HW Price ASP
 90  $499 10  $816  $530.70

 $499 25
 $816  $578.25
 50  $499
50  $816  $657.50
 25  $499
75  $816  $736.75

Because, Math, the breakdown follows the same trajectory with the Series X. What I find incredible here is that if Microsoft can get around 35% of their Xbox Series X customers to purchase on All Access their Average Selling Price for ALL Series X systems will be more than $600!

As an offensive tactic this is brilliant because it will force Sony into a difficult decision, do they try to match prices with Microsoft and lose a LOT of money on their hardware, or do they price closer to break even and let Microsoft undercut them on price for the entire generation? At this point we still don't know what Sony plans to do as they have not announced any pricing for their consoles. It is possible that Sony could see this tactic coming from Microsoft and has something similar planned, or they could have always planned to sit somewhere in the middle of this $299 - $499 price point we just don't know. Hopefully we will get more information from Sony soon and that will give us an idea if this All Access plan has caused them problems.

Thank you for reading, let us know what you think on Twitter @F5Games and have a great weekend.

Weekly Game News Update for Aug 21 - Cyberpunk Updates, Massive Xbox News, and a collection of Switch Indie Announcements
posted on: Friday, August 21, 2020

It has actually been a couple weeks since out last update, so there is a ton to cover. Microsoft has continued to make this one of the strangest console launches in history and there have been a lot of game updates and reveals in the last couple weeks. Grab a drink and let's get going.

Microsoft's Confusing Console Launch

It has been a very eventful couple of weeks for Microsoft in regards to the Xbox Series X launch. After the lackluster reveal of Halo Infinite there were grumblings that the game could be delayed beyond this year and miss the Series X launch. The question that inevitably followed that argument was, 'what game is going to sell the new console for Microsoft?' Well, I guess we will get to find out this November. In the last couple weeks Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X will be released in November 2020 and that Halo Infinite will not be there, in fact, it has been delayed until an unspecified date in 2021.

Not long after the delay announcement reports appeared online of a leaked Xbox Series X controller in it's retail packaging that details the controller will work on the Xbox Series X and Series S! The Series S is the much rumored 'cheaper next-gen Xbox' that is expected to launch alongside the Series X this fall. So far, Microsoft has said nothing publicly about the Series S but at this point it appears to be the worst kept secret in gaming.

And finally, while you won't be playing Halo Infinite on your new Xbox Series X (or S) this Christmas you will be getting an updated Dashboard UI, which Microsoft displayed for the first time in a video this week. You can check out the video below and get acquainted with the new interface to hold you over until you can get your hands on it this November.

Sony is still playing it close to the vest

While we have learned a lot of Xbox series X info, some intentionally and some not, Sony has continued to kept its new console under wraps. We are still unsure of the launch lineup, unsure of the price, and unsure of the launch date ( although my money is on November 19th ). What we did get this week is a first look at an ad for the PS5, focusing not on games but on the new interactive elements of its controller. Check out the ad below and decide if Haptic Feedback, Active Triggers and 3D Audio are going to be enough for you to jump into the next-gen with Sony this year.

Nintendo Gives Indies Some Love

Not to be left out of the conversation, Nintendo debuted an Indie World Direct video this week that highlighted several upcoming games from all over the world. You can check out the video below for all the details on ports to the Switch of Hades, Subnautica, Torchlight 3, Manifold Garden, and the Apple Arcade darling Grindstone. There are also several new game announcements that run the gambit of game genres and themes. It was a really interesting lineup of games and while we all love indie games, I think it is beyond time for Nintendo to give us an update on their first party lineup for the rest of the year. There is literally nothing other than Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the slate from Nintendo for the Holiday season, and I can't understand why they are keeping everything so quiet.
Check out the Indie World Direct below, I'm sure you will find a game or two that will grab your interest.

Cyberpunk 2077 Steals the Show Again

The last big announcement for this week was the second Episode of CD Projekt Red's Night City Wire. In another meaty video the developers or Cyberpunk showed off the different 'life paths' you can choose at the start of your adventure and how they will change the experience throughout the game. In the video below you will get a look at the three Life Paths available, Nomad, Corpo, and Street Kid as well as a rundown of the different styles of weapons on offer.
There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be 'the game' of the second half of 2020 and I can't wait to get my hands on it. At this point I am assuming that the game will launch alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series S this November and will have some level of next-gen enhancements to make it a de-facto Launch title for Next-gen. Hopefully we will get some info on that in an upcoming episode of Night City Wire.

F5 News - Update for Blackjack Masters and New Game Development

Here at F5 we recently released the Seasonal Tournaments update for Blackjack Masters and it has been great to see players from all over the world compete with each other to see who is the best Blackjack player. We are now working on a new update that will introduce prize chests for winning tournaments as well as smaller chests for completing all of the available daily missions. Hopefully that will be ready in the next week or two.
We have also begun work on an entirely new title that we are very excited about. We are getting back to our roots as a studio and working on a new action RPG! This is a game that I have wanted to dive into for several years now and it has been great to start making things happen on this project. It is still very early but we have a clear design in mind and are working on the technology so hopefully we will be able to start sharing more info with you in the coming months.

Thanks for reading! If there is anything that you would like us to cover in our weekly round-ups let us know on our Twitter account and we'll try to make it happen. Have a great weekend.

F5 Games is an independent game developer in Tulsa Oklahoma. We strive to create the very best in tablet and mobile games.