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Euchre Masters

Call your favorite couple and make it a card night with Euchre Masters for the Infinity Game Table and Game Board!

Euchre has been one of the most popular card games in the world for decades, and with Euchre Masters you and your friends can add this classic game to your rotation.

Gather around the table with 3 of your friends, or let our AIs fill any empty seats, so you can learn and play Euchre any time you want.

Game Play

Euchre is a trick taking card game played between 2 teams of 2 players.

You earn points by winning at least 3 out of 5 tricks in a hand. The first team with 10 points wins!

Customize your game by mixing and matching the tabletop, card back, and deck style to your liking.

If you have never played Euchre, our easy to follow How to Play section will teach you all you need to know and is always available during game play if you need a refresher.

Playing could not be easier, each player can view their hand whenever they like, just by tapping on them (just make sure you cover them to keep your opponent’s wandering eyes away), and the game will highlight playable cards, so you know what plays are valid.

Euchre Masters makes it easy to pick up and play Euchre, either alone or with up to 3 friends or AI opponents.


  • Multiplayer - 1-4 player LOCAL play versus real opponents or with our AIs filling any empty seats.
  • Gameplay Helpers - Euchre Masters makes sure that only valid cards are played, so it’s easy to get started and that one friend can’t cheat.
  • Euchre AIs- Our AIs are tuned to offer a nice challenge, but do not show you up if they are on your team.
  • Game Tracking - If you play multiple games in a row, Euchre Masters will keep track of who has won each game. You’ll always want to play just one more round!


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