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We Make Games For The Players

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F5 Games is an indie game studio in the heart of Tornado Alley. We are the makers of The Hunted, House of the Lost, IncrediBlox, and Pocket Heroes. Our mission is to develop fun and exciting games for the player inside everyone.

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All In Texas Holdem

Available now for the Infinity Game Table™ by Arcade1Up, iPad, and Kindle Fire Tablets!

It’s time to take your Poker night to the next level with All-In Texas Hold’Em!
Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of Poker in the world, and now with All-In Texas Hold’em you can have an authentic 6 player poker experience with your friends, and our Poker AIs, whenever you want! It's time

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Block Breakerz

Available now for the Infinity Game Table™ by Arcade1Up, iPad, and iPad Pro!

Block Breakerz is a fast paced, 4 player, arcade game that blends Breakout and Hungry Hungry Hippos into a party game you just can't stop playing.

Compete solo or against up to three of your friends in 4 different game modes that will have you playing ‘just one more round’ for hours on end.

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Blackjack Masters Party

Enjoy all the excitement of a trip to the casino right in your own home with Blackjack Masters Party for the Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up.

Blackjack Masters Party is a four-player version of our highly rated mobile game Blackjack Masters that allows you and 3 friends to gather together and have an authentic blackjack experience at home. Blackjack Masters Party will help yo

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Blackjack Masters

Learn Blackjack Strategy and Card Counting and become a Blackjack Master!

Play Blackjack with NO ADS!

Blackjack Masters will help you learn Blackjack Basic Strategy and Card counting as you play in casinos from around the world!

Earn free chips everyday and work your way through different casinos in our World Tour.

Blackjack is one of the most popular car

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Drop blocks to form 2 by 2 squares and activate the IncrediBlox special powers! Over 60 Challenge levels will show you the ropes, then compete in the Infinite and Sequence modes to see how high your score can go.

"Ton of fun, recommended to anyone who likes puzzle games." - The Daily Appster Podcast

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House of the Lost

In a world where games are designed so everyone will eventually get to and conquer the final level comes an almost impossible game that throws the idea of continues, saves, and cheat codes out the window.

Sorry kids, but there was once a day that dying in a game meant actually dying. It's time again to face the real consequences of mistakes, and to learn how to use the knowledge they c

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Euchre Masters

Call your favorite couple and make it a card night with Euchre Masters for the Infinity Game Table and Game Board!

Euchre has been one of the most popular card games in the world for decades, and with Euchre Masters you and your friends can add this classic game to your rotation.

Gather around the table with 3 of your friends, or let our AIs fill any empty seats, so y

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The Hunted

Get ready for a new kind of multiplayer experience...

"The Hunted throws you into multiplayer battles where vision is everything." - Touch Arcade

Nine Hunters from across the galaxy have been abducted, cloned, and forced to fight in the arena. Gather your friends and jump in to live out these action-packed multiplayer battles!

With mobile optimized dual-stick sho

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