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Drop blocks to form 2 by 2 squares and activate the IncrediBlox special powers! Over 60 Challenge levels will show you the ropes, then compete in the Infinite and Sequence modes to see how high your score can go.

"Ton of fun, recommended to anyone who likes puzzle games." - The Daily Appster Podcast
  • Addictive Puzzle Gameplay
  • Beautiful Papercraft Art Style built for the iPhone 5 and iPad Retina Display
  • Now 61 Challenge Levels!
  • Endless Random Gameplay with Infinite Mode
  • Sequence Mode always gives you the same game so you can brag to your friends when you beat their high score.
"IncrediBlox comes through as a solid mobile puzzle game with a lot of personality!" -

IncrediBlox is the next great puzzle game for your iPhone!!


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