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The Hunted

Get ready for a new kind of multiplayer experience...

"The Hunted throws you into multiplayer battles where vision is everything." - Touch Arcade

Nine Hunters from across the galaxy have been abducted, cloned, and forced to fight in the arena. Gather your friends and jump in to live out these action-packed multiplayer battles!

With mobile optimized dual-stick shooter controls and an inventive limited field of view you get a multiplayer deathmatch game that is perfect for your iPhone or iPad.

  • Limited field of view lets you dodge, sneak by, trap, and hunt your enemies.
  • Invite your friends and play with up to 8 players online.
  • Nine unique characters, each with their own weapons and special abilities
  • Multiple Game Modes - Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Krazy King, and Skulls.
  • Play each mode as a free for all or on teams.
  • Create your own game server to decide the map, game mode, and number of players. (Server hosting requires Wifi connection)
  • Dedicated Servers - Meet your enemy on neutral ground using our new dedicated servers.
  • Item Pickups - Grab the Double Damage to strengthen your attacks or the Shield to take more hits
  • Optimized for iPhone/iPad Retina Display

- iPod 4G and iPad 1 are not supported
- Multiplayer available on Wifi or Cellular connections, but server hosting is available only on a Wifi connection.


Brute jump gameplay
Kid lurker gameplay
Lurker stealth scientist gameplay