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Meet The Hunted - Lurker
posted on: Monday, November 17, 2014

In our new game 'The Hunted' you will have the choice of nine unique characters to take into the arena. Each of these hunters have their own strengths and weaknesses and it will be up to you, the intrepid player, to determine which character best fits your play style. To help you make that determination we're going to highlight each hunter over the next couple weeks so you can get an idea about what character you want to start with.

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The Lurker


The Lurker belongs to an ocean-dwelling species that found itself being hunted and killed off by a land-based species on their home planet. Rather than retreat from this threat, their scientists developed war suits that would not only allow their warriors to breathe while out of the water but also allow them to burrow through the ground in much the same way that they swim in the water. The result of this amazing breakthrough was a quick turn in the war as their land locked enemy quickly had no place on their planet that they could hide.

Plucked from his native ocean to fight in the arena The Lurker is ready to take out his frustrations on anyone who crosses his path.


The Lurker is a 'medium' class character in The Hunted. This means that, like the Human Hunter, he has an average speed and average level of durability compared to the other hunters. While his base stats may sit in the middle of the pack he is definitely one of the most interesting characters to play. His main weapon can blanket the play field with fire, and his burrow ability opens up all kinds of interesting strategies that you can deploy on your enemies.

Trident Gun

The Lurker's main weapon is a Trident Gun that shoots out about a billion bullets a second. This very heavy rate of fire allows you to cover an area with shots that will give your target little chance to escape. While each of these shots does a small amount of damage their overall volume lets you keep your enemy on the run and move in for the kill.

Explosive Grenades

With grenades as a secondary weapon the Lurker is great at controlling an area of the map. He excels in control point game types as he can use his grenades to clear enemies off the point or to harass anyone trying to take his point away.


The Lurker has the greatest, in my opinion, special ability in the history of competitive shooters. He can burrow into the ground and stalk his prey as a Landshark! Once burrowed you can tunnel under the ground and choose when you want to burst through the floor, biting anyone who may be above you.

With this ability you can approach a control point without taking damage from standard weapons, sneak up behind an un-suspecting target and chomp them from below, or retreat from a battle to grab a much needed health pack.

To counteract this awesome ability the Lurker moves very slowly while burrowed and he can still be damaged by explosions. This makes grenades, trap mines, and explosive darts shot on walls all something to worry about while you are burrowed.

As you can probably tell the Lurker is my favorite character, he has a great standard weapon and the ability to burrow really changes the landscape of a battle for everyone involved. I hope you'll give him a try this Thursday ( November 20th ) when the Hunted hits the Appstore.

If you have any questions about the Lurker, or the game in general, let me know on Twitter ( @Readmore ) or you can join the discussion about The Hunted on the Touch Arcade forums here: TA Forums.

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