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Meet The Hunted - The Kid
posted on: Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In our new game 'The Hunted' you will have the choice of nine unique characters to take into the arena. Each of these hunters have their own strengths and weaknesses and it will be up to you, the intrepid player, to determine which character best fits your play style. To help you make that determination we're going to highlight each hunter over the next couple weeks so you can get an idea about what character you want to start with.
If you missed our first post about the Human Hunter you can check it out here.

The Kid


The Kid isn't actually a kid at all. He comes from a race that ages differently than Humans and who only ever grow to a height of 4.5 to 5 feet. Because of their small stature they have always relied on technology to help them overcome their physical shortcomings. This has bred an innate love of tech into their species and they travel the galaxy searching for new advancements that they can adapt to their own uses.

The Kid was abducted during just such a mission, while scavenging on a derelict space ship looking for technology he could rebuild or sell. Luckily he was wearing his exploration/combat suit, which is highly advanced and allows him to not only survive in the hard vacuum of space but also deal with any threat that he may encounter along the way.


The Kid is a 'light' build character in the game. This means that he is quicker on his feet than most Hunters but unable to absorb as much damage during a battle. Because he damages easily you'll need to constantly be on the move and harass your targets with The Kid's sweet weapons.

Arm Cannons

The Kid's main weapons are two 'Arm Cannons' that allow him to spray energy blasts across a room in record time. When you fire, each cannon alternates their fire with the other so that you can shoot a steady stream of pain across the screen. The gif below will give you a feel for this firing speed as well as the faster foot speed that The Kid has over the Human Hunter.

Cannon Blast

The Kid's special ability requires him to get in close with his target. His 'Cannon Blast' ability forces superheated air through his Arm Cannons and directly into the back, or front, of your target. The Cannon Blast not only deals damage but it also forces your target away from you which can be useful when you need to clear someone off a control point or you want to force them to take a trip on a teleporter.

The Cannon Blast is also really handy when someone tries to throw grenades at your feet. If you're quick enough you can use the blast to shove the grenades away from you without needing to clear out of the area.

Grenade Blast Combo

The Kid, like the Hunter, uses explosive grenades as his secondary weapon but, when you combine then with your Cannon Blast ability you can create a sweet character specific combo. Check out it in the gif below.

Using your Cannon Blast on your own grenades lets you shoot them much farther than any other character is capable of tossing them. This lets you grenade targets that would other wise be un-reachable.

The Kid is one of my favorite characters because I love to speed around the map and pin down the other guys with a constant wall of fire. His ability to move other players, and grenades, around the map is just an awesome bonus! If you have any questions about the Kid, or the game in general, let me know on Twitter ( @Readmore ) or you can join the discussion about The Hunted on the Touch Arcade forums here: TA Forums.

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