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Meet The Hunted - The Brute
posted on: Friday, November 14, 2014

In our new game 'The Hunted' you will have the choice of nine unique characters to take into the arena. Each of these hunters have their own strengths and weaknesses and it will be up to you, the intrepid player, to determine which character best fits your play style. To help you make that determination we're going to highlight each hunter over the next couple weeks so you can get an idea about what character you want to start with.

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The Brute


The Brute comes from a race of savage warriors that live on a world of massive forests and emerald green seas. While they have no advanced technology their skills in physical combat are rarely matched, as is their ability to leap great distances and heights during the hunt. Once the Brute was abducted for the arena the alien battle masters set about creating a weapon to match his deadly power.


The Brute is a 'heavy' class character in the game. This means that while he moves slower than medium and light characters he can absorb more damage than any of them. This ability to soak up more damage allows him to charge right into the fray and shoot, or smash, his targets with ease.

Bounce Cannon

The Brute's main weapon looks like a large cast iron cannon but instead of shooting traditional cannon balls this weapon shoots projectiles that bounce off walls before finding their target. This makes the Brute especially effective against campers.

Trap Mines

As his secondary weapon the Brute can set trap mines to disable his target. Once these mines are set they cloak themselves and lay in wait until an enemy player walks over them. When detonated these mines deal explosive damage and stun the target to give you an extra second to pounce and finish them off.

Jump Slam

The Brute's special ability is a jumping slam that lets you close the distance with your target and then slam into them from above. This move deals a ton of damage to any target that you land on and then, if they survive, it pushes them away from the point of impact. This is a great move to clear out a control point or just to get bragging rights over your friends.

You can also use the Jump Slam to leap over walls in the game! This is not only awesome to do but it helps you overcome your slower foot speed by taking a more direct route than other players are capable of. It can also let you get the drop on your enemies and slam them before they even know you're there.

The Brute is a really great character and combo-ing his Trap Mines and Jump Slam together can have some really awesome results. If you have any questions about the Brute, or the game in general, let me know on Twitter ( @Readmore ) or you can join the discussion about The Hunted on the Touch Arcade forums here: TA Forums.

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The Hunted