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Meet The Hunted - Ranger
posted on: Monday, November 17, 2014

In our new game 'The Hunted' you will have the choice of nine unique characters to take into the arena. Each of these hunters have their own strengths and weaknesses and it will be up to you, the intrepid player, to determine which character best fits your play style. To help you make that determination we're going to highlight each hunter over the next couple weeks so you can get an idea about what character you want to start with.

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The Ranger grew up on a planet that had once been very advanced technologically, but a combination of environmental and economic collapses plunged her species back into a strange sort of dark age. While technology still exists from their previous civilization there are very few remaining who can operate or maintain it, and almost none who could recreate any of it from scratch.

Within these circumstances the Ranger servers as a hunter and protector for her people. Using her laser bow she is quick, silent, and deadly to both prey and any foe who may threaten her village. However, when the aliens came to cull a new fighter for the arena she was quickly outmatched and abducted from her home.


The Ranger is a 'light' character in the game. This means that while she moves quickly, faster than any other Hunter in fact, she also is unable to absorb much damage. Because of this, her play style requires fast movement and shooting from a distance to give her time to dodge any shots that are coming her way. Her weapons are well suited to this and make her a formidable opponent.

Laser Bow

The Laser Bow is a silent and fast firing weapon that can deal considerable damage when multiple shots find their target. It requires great accuracy, as there is no spread to its firing pattern, but if used correctly you can line up two or three shots before your target even knows they are being hunted.

Explosive Dart

The Ranger's secondary weapon, the Explosive Dart, excels at dealing damage from a distance and keeping her out of harms way. The Explosive Dart is a small projectile that latches on to any target it strikes and quickly counts down to detonation. While this is another weapon that requires accuracy it causes great explosive damage to its target, and anyone around it, after a few seconds.

Many times the Ranger can stick someone with a dart, hit them with a couple arrows and be half way across the map before her target explodes and the kill is registered.


While the Ranger would prefer to engage her targets from across the screen that isn't always going to be the case. Her special ability, the Boomerang, is most useful for those times when the enemy has gotten the drop on you. The Boomerang flies out in an arc from the Ranger and then returns on her other side. It only deals a small amount of damager to any enemy it strikes but it also stuns them for a couple crucial seconds. As the Ranger you can use this time to deal a quick blow or escape and search for a health pack.

You can also grab power ups with the Boomerang! Nothing is sweeter than using your Boomerang to snag a Double Damage just before someone else picks it up!

The Ranger is a really interesting character and, I believe, will be a favorite for a lot of players. If you have any questions about the Ranger, or the game in general, let me know on Twitter ( @Readmore ) or you can join the discussion about The Hunted on the Touch Arcade forums here: TA Forums.

Release Update

I am very excited to say that we just received word from Apple that The Hunted has been approved and will be releasing for iPhone and iPad this Thursday!

We're also going to be doing some special for launch day. For the first 24 hours of release all of our characters will be unlocked! This means that, if you grab the game on launch day, you can try out every one of the characters we have been highlighting and see which one best suits your play style.

I can't wait to start playing against all of you in the arena! I hope you'll keep reading about our characters this week and that I'll see you in the game on Thursday.

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