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The Hunted - Game Modes
posted on: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We're taking a quick break from our 'Meet the Hunted' series to talk about the game modes that you'll be able to enjoy when the game launches tomorrow! (Nov 20).

Hunted Game Modes

The Hunted allows for both free-for-all and team gameplay in four different games modes. We'll take a quick look at each of them to explain how they work so you'll know what to expect when you start playing.

  • Deathmatch
  • King of the Hill
  • Krazy King
  • Skulls


Deathmatch in The Hunted has the same classic feel that you'll remember from early 90s shooters. It's kill or be killed in the arena. Each player you take out rewards you with a point and the first player, or team, to hit the kill max for that game wins. You can play in a game from 2 to 8 players either as a free for all or on teams, and it's a blast.

One thing that is different in The Hunted is that when you take out another player their main weapon is left on the battlefield for any other player to pick up. When you grab another player's weapon you can carry it around as long as you like but you can only fire it for one full clip of ammo. This lets you change out your damage potential for a few seconds and gives you a quick boost as a reward for your kill.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is another classic multiplayer mode that appears in The Hunted. In this mode there is a control point, or hill, that appears on the map in a specific spot. To win the match you, or your team, has to hold the hill for a set number of seconds.

To hold the hill only you or your teammate can be inside it. You'll know this is the case because the hill will turn green and a green '+1' will appear on the screen every second. If there is an enemy player in the hill with you then it will turn yellow and no one will receive points until one of you leaves. When one of your enemies controls the hill it will turn red and a red '+1' will appear on the screen for each second they control it.

This is an awesome team mode because it rewards teamwork and it helps to concentrate all the action into one spot on the map. This usually results in some pretty epic moments.

Krazy King

Krazy King grabs all the awesome-ness of King of the Hill and takes it on the move! In Krazy King you're still playing King of the Hill but the hill doesn't stay in one spot anymore. The hill will disappear for a small amount of time and then re-appear in a different location on the map. This creates a mad scramble to the new hill zone and usually creates running firefights from one point to the other.

Basically, it's great; you should play it.


Skulls is a really fun mode that combines aspects from a bunch of different competitive game types. In Skulls each time you kill a player they drop a skull on the ground. Anyone who runs over this skull will pick it up and add it to their collection. However, to get points for the skulls you are carrying you have to take them to a control point that is randomly appearing at different spots on the map.

This creates all kinds of awesome gameplay opportunities because if you have collected a lot of skulls you'll want to start avoiding conflict until the next control point appears so you can deposit them and get your points. It also makes anyone with a large number of skulls into a huge target for the other players because they are basically a point piƱata for the first person who can kill them.

Fortune's can swing pretty quickly in this mode because someone can accumulate five, six, or seven skulls before hitting the control point and leapfrog any players who may be ranked above them. Teamplay also becomes more interesting because you can get into situations where you need to protect a teammate who is carrying a lot of skulls so that they can make it to the control point and score for your team.

Skulls is probably my favorite mode in The Hunted just because it creates so many interesting gameplay opportunities. I hope you'll check it out on when the game launches on Thursday and let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at the Hunted's game modes. If you have any questions or comments about the modes, or any modes you'd like us to add, you can let me know on Twitter ( @Readmore ) or you can join the discussion about The Hunted on the Touch Arcade forums here: TA Forums.

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