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House of the Lost

In a world where games are designed so everyone will eventually get to and conquer the final level comes an almost impossible game that throws the idea of continues, saves, and cheat codes out the window.

Sorry kids, but there was once a day that dying in a game meant actually dying. It's time again to face the real consequences of mistakes, and to learn how to use the knowledge they can bring.

Your sister has disappeared into the House of the Lost, and only you can save her. As you grab your slingshot and step inside you know that you're in for the fight of your life.


Each time you play House of the Lost you'll experience a different set of levels and challenges. Enemies will change, map layouts will be different, and the House will test you at every turn.

You'll need great weapons if you're going to survive this adventure and it will be up to you to create them. Combine weapons and items you find along the way to make crazy new weapons to aid you in your quest.

The zombies and monsters that haunt these halls are deadly enough but nothing will be able to prepare you for the boss battles that await.

You'll find four different environments within the house that all have their own challenges and boss to face. Content updates in the future will add even more to extend the adventure.

Walk through walls, track down clues, and do your best to unlock the secrets of the House. It may be your only chance at survival.

Think you're the best player around? Track your completion time and high score on the Game Center leader boards. If exploration is more your thing then you can try to seek out all the achievements that the House has to offer!

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Drop blocks to form 2 by 2 squares and activate the IncrediBlox special powers! Over 60 Challenge levels will show you the ropes, then compete in the Infinite and Sequence modes to see how high your score can go.

"Ton of fun, recommended to anyone who likes puzzle games." - The Daily Appster Podcast
  • Addictive Puzzle Gameplay
  • Beautiful Papercraft Art Style built for the iPhone 5 and iPad Retina Display
  • Now 61 Challenge Levels!
  • Endless Random Gameplay with Infinite Mode
  • Sequence Mode always gives you the same game so you can brag to your friends when you beat their high score.
"IncrediBlox comes through as a solid mobile puzzle game with a lot of personality!" -

IncrediBlox is the next great puzzle game for your iPhone!!

Blackjack Masters

Learn Blackjack Strategy and Card Counting and become a Blackjack Master!

Play Blackjack with NO ADS!

Blackjack Masters will help you learn Blackjack Basic Strategy and Card counting as you play in casinos from around the world!

Earn free chips everyday and work your way through different casinos in our World Tour.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world and with Blackjack Masters you can learn how to beat the house without putting any money at stake in a casino.

Play with real casino rules and hone your skills in Blackjack Masters today!


  • Real Casino Rules: Double Down, Split to 4 Hands, Dealer hits soft 17, Insurance Pays 2:1, Blackjack pays 3:2
  • Hi-Lo and Basic Strategy helpers teach you how to play each hand and when to vary your bet based on the state of the game.
  • Earn chips every day so you can keep your skills fresh.
  • Different casinos to play in with different numbers of decks and different min and max bets.
  • Earn Achievements for strong play and get bonus chips!
Blackjack Masters Party

Enjoy all the excitement of a trip to the casino right in your own home with Blackjack Masters Party for the Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up.

Blackjack Masters Party is a four-player version of our highly rated mobile game Blackjack Masters that allows you and 3 friends to gather together and have an authentic blackjack experience at home. Blackjack Masters Party will help you to learn 21 and practice your blackjack skills while playing with your friends or on your own. Learn when to split your hand, whether or not you should purchase insurance, and when is the best time to double down. The game also keeps track of the card count with each hand so you can practice your card counting skills.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world and with Blackjack Masters Party you and your friends can learn how to beat the house without putting any money at stake in a casino.


  • Local Multiplayer: Play with 1-4 players at a time and get an authentic Blackjack experience.
  • Real Casino Rules: Double Down, Split to 2 Hands, Dealer hits soft 17, Insurance Pays 2:1, Blackjack pays 3:2, and a 6 Deck Shoe
  • Card Counting: Hi-Lo Card Counting helpers teach you when to vary your bet based on the state of the game.
  • Small Fry to High Roller: Start with a stack ranging from $500 - $5000!
  • Drop in and Drop Out: Players can jump in or leave the table between each hand.
  • Designed exclusively for the Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up
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Block Breakerz

Launching on May 18th 2023 for iPad, iPad Pro, and Coming Soon to the Infinity Game Table!

Block Breakerz is a fast paced, 4 player, arcade game that blends Breakout and Hungry Hungry Hippos into a party game you just can't stop playing.

Compete solo or against up to three of your friends in 4 different game modes that will have you playing ‘just one more round’ for hours on end.

Block Breakerz is a frantic and fun game for the whole family, and will be a great addition to your Infinity Game Table or iPad!

Game Play

Block Breakerz plays like a blend between the arcade hit Breakout and Hungry Hungry Hippos! Up to four players compete against each other by reflecting balls into the play area to destroy blocks, break targets, or inflict damage on other players.

It couldn’t be easier to play, all you have to do is drag your paddle back and forth to ping and pong balls toward blocks or targets. But, to be a Block Breakerz Master, you’ll need to learn how to position your paddle to bounce balls right where you want them to go.

4 Game Modes

Clear - Clear all blocks from the screen as quickly as possible. Highest score wins!
Score Attack - It’s a race to hit the score target before anyone else. First player to hit the target wins the round!
Target Break - In this mode you can only score points by striking the golden targets in each level. Once all the targets are destroyed, the game ends and the highest score wins.
Battle Mode - Welcome to the Battledome! In this mode each player has to defend the line behind their paddle at all costs because three hits and you are out. Last player left standing is the winner.


  • Multiplayer: Play solo to set a high score or with up to 4 players at a time to make it a party.
  • 4 Game Modes: Play Clear, Score Attack, Target Break, or Battle Mode with your friends.
  • Fun for the whole family: Easy to pick up and play for all ages.
  • Drop in and Drop Out: Players can quickly jump in or out between matches.
  • 24 different levels across 4 game modes.
  • Get the big, shared screen experience on your Infinity Game Table!
  • Take the fun with you wherever you go with your iPad or iPad Pro!