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House of the Lost for OUYA adds levels and NG+
posted on: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today I'm happy to announce that, even before release, we've already updated House of the Lost for OUYA! Over the last couple weeks we've been refining and adding new features to the upcoming OUYA release and I want to quickly highlight a few of them today.

New Game Plus

New Game Plus is an unlockable mode that allows you to continue playing a game after beating the final level, and now, House of the Lost has it! We've added a New Game Plus (NG+) mode to House of the Lost that allows you to keep your weapons, items, coins, and score from one play though and carry it over into another. This lets you continue to rack up high scores and gives you a better chance of crafting and permanently unlocking new weapon combinations. You'll need to watch out though, every enemy in the game gets more difficult in NG+ and their difficulty will continue to scale up even if you play through the game multiple times without dying. Although, I wouldn't bet on anyone being able to do that.

New Levels

In addition to the NG+ game mode, we've also added new map layouts for the House that will continue to keep you guessing as you play through the game. Each of these new map layouts will have new puzzles, new enemy placements, and new secrets to discover so you'll have even more game to enjoy.

When is it coming out?

We're finishing up the release right now and expect House of the Lost to launch on OUYA next week! As soon as we're confident on the launch date we'll let you know for sure but go ahead and call your friends to set up a game night for next week. You're going to need the help.

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