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Introducing the Next Title from F5 Games: Blackjack Masters Party!
posted on: Tuesday, November 02, 2021

It's time for a party. A Blackjack Masters Party! F5 Games is proud to announce that our next game is Blackjack Masters Party, a four-player version of our highly rated mobile game Blackjack Masters.

Blackjack Masters Party is our first title for the Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up and it was inspired by the large shared play space that the game table provides. When you gather around the Infinity Game Table and turn on Blackjack Masters Party it really feels like you and your friends are sitting around a blackjack table at the casino!

Like in our previous game, Blackjack Masters, you will be able to learn 21 and practice your blackjack skills while playing Blackjack Masters Party with your friends or on your own. Learn when to split your hand, whether or not you should purchase insurance, and when is the best time to double down. The game also keeps track of the card count with each hand so you can practice your card counting skills.

The shared gameplay of Blackjack Masters Party is a perfect fit for the Infinity Game Table and we are so excited to bring it to the table in the near future. For additional updates on Blackjack Masters Party, and our other upcoming titles, make sure to follow us on on Twitter and Facebook so you won't miss any news. Also, let us know if you have any questions about Blackjack Masters Party and we will do out best to answer them in a future post.

Party On!

Blackjack Masters Party