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House of the Lost Update and Soundtrack

Hey everyone,

Hopefully you’ve all checked out our latest game, House of the Lost, by now and are itching for some new content. If so, I’m happy to inform you that our first update has been submitted to Apple for review and will hopefully be available next week!

Update Features

This first update includes the following features and fixes:

  • 3 New Maps – We’ve added new maps to the game for the first 3 levels. These all include new secrets, new room designs, and new enemy combinations. We’re planning to continually update the game with additional levels and we’re already working on the next batch.
  • Enemy Animations – We’ve tweaked and updated some enemy animations to make the game look even better.
  • Weapon Tweaks – We’ve changed the behavior of some of the weapons to adjust the difficulty of the game. We’ll continue to do this as we go along so if you have any comments about any of the weapons or items please let me know so we can include your feedback.
  • Minor bug fixes – We noticed a bug with the water gun that would make the projectiles hit the wall if you were standing right next to it, we’ve fixed that as well as a few other minor tweaks. Thankfully House of the Lost has no where near the bugs that Pocket Heroes did at launch. ;)

House of the Lost Soundtrack Available

I also wanted to let you know that the House of the Lost Soundtrack is now available on SoundCloud! You can give it a listen right here.

I hope you’re enjoying the game so far, we’ve got 5 5-Star ratings on iTunes but no reviews (hint, hint). Also, from what I’ve seen, no one has been able to beat House of the Lost yet. I’m planning to give the first player to complete it a shout out on Twitter, so get in there and give it a try.

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